Sunday 19 March 2017

New Music: Introducing - Life

It’s impossible to tell from afar who the bands and artists that have stormed this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, are, but certainly one name that has cropped up on my Twitter stream a number of times in the last few hours is a mob from the UK City of Culture for 2017- Hull. They’re a four-piece who go by the name of Life and their enraged turbulent post-punk sound is thrilling. Having already supported Slaves and with an album that bullishly carries the title Popular Music due in late May, the band are racking up the attention, and now Breaking More Waves is adding its two pennies worth.

So what is Life?

Life is the sound of a fight that never stops. Life is a raucous sneering melee. Life is fierce. Life is uncompromising. Life is a bullet from a guitar. Life is aware. Life is noise. Life is holler along passion, forced up against your face. Life is a cigarette inhaled with gusto. Life is Jarvis Cocker camp dancing. Life is DIY. Life is Mez, Loz, Mick and Stew. Life is go hard stay hard pop with a shout. Life is Euromillions, rare boots, in your hands. Life most definitely isn’t fake news. Life rails against mediocrity. Life shit on all the crap. That is all you need to know. Choose Life. 

Life - In Your Hands

Life - Euromillions (Video)

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