Wednesday 22 March 2017

New Music: Introducing - Semi-Attractive Boy

Here we go again.

It’s another potential pop star in the bath. I don’t know about you, but they’re actually starting to make me angry. Do these people really think they’re being original and quirky? Have they not seen how many other pop stars are doing it? Or is it something that to join the musicians’ union you have to do to get your card? Can someone please explain? (Note: I have actually found someone who can explain, but I'm keeping that for another day. Soon.)

OK…breathe deeply…..count to 10…..

At least this guy has taken a different slant on the bath thing. He’s posing with a half-eaten burger and his is full of sweets. He’s almost beaten Mariah Carey to the award of most bonkers bath promo shot ever. Not quite, he’s a runner up, but that’s pretty good for someone just out of the box.

And….here’s the important bit. His debut single Her Heart Isn’t Beating For Me is an odd masterpiece of a pop song which when I hear it makes me think of Mika, Ben Folds Five, bright rainbows painted by a child, too many shots in a bar, Andy Warhol, lost romances and the idea that music can be so much more than your standard Spotify playlist by numbers tune written by committee. 

Yes, Her Heart Isn’t Beating For Me is a trashily deranged piece of pop brilliance. His name's good as well. Semi-Attractive Boy. It's half arrogant, half bashful. I like that.

He is also known as Baker Wallis. He's from Los Angeles. Apparently, he was diagnosed with Tourette’s at the age of nine, which got him thrown out of church. That’s probably the fact that every blog that writes about him will tell you. Most of them will ignore the bath pic though, maybe because every musician is doing it.

Semi-Attractive Boy - Her Heart Isn't Beating For Me

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