Monday 23 May 2016

New Music: Wildes - Illuminate

“I am reckless for your love,” intones Wildes on her second release Illuminate, the follow up to Bare

The chemical rush of passion, lighting up a dark world, runs deep through this powerful track. “I’m on fire can’t you see me burning up,” she sings as she piles on the emotion. Quick someone give this woman a cold shower before it all becomes too much and goes horribly wrong. Actually no, don’t, because (and excuse my evil sentiment here) there’s nothing better for art and music and its creative process than a tortured and heartbroken soul. 

But until that (almost inevitable) downfall, you can enjoy Illuminate below. Bare found a lot of comparisons to the work of Daughter, but here Wildes expands her sonic palette somewhat; although as the gritty and reverb laden guitars wash over the song towards the end there’s certainly some of the same emotionally arresting atmospherics to be had as those produced by Elena Tonra and co.

Get ready to lose yourself in this.

Wildes - Illuminate

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