Friday 6 May 2016

New Music: Grace Lightman - Faultless

Whilst I don’t subscribe to the idea of comparing one artist to another as instantly being lazy journalism, I do if the likenings are wildly off the mark. Probably the two singers that crop up the most in the world of slightly alternative pop as wrong comparisons are Bjork and Kate Bush. The number of times I’ve read ‘sounds similar to Kate Bush’ and then I’ve pressed play and the vocal sounds nothing at all like Kate, except in the broadest sense that the singer is a higher toned female, are plentiful.

So now here I go. I really hope it isn’t a lazy comparison, but hell, the new song from London's Grace Lightman sounds an awful lot like Kate Bush. That is, Kate Bush with a low-key 80’s electronic cinematic ballad backing. It’s exactly the sort of music that if you’re a regular here you’d expect to find on Breaking More Waves. 

What of course is lazy journalism is saying very little with too many words. But then I’m not a journalist and sometimes, just sometimes, being lazy is OK. 

Grace Lightman - Faultless

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