Tuesday, 31 May 2016

New Music: HOLYCHILD x Kate Nash - Rotten Teeth (Video)

Hats off to the brilliance of pop that has COLOUR and MAGIC and isn’t beige or flatpack.

Hats off to singers who have won Brit Awards and had chart success before turning their backs on it all and still fizz with ENERGY and FUN and ATTITUDE.

FUN is not a dirty word in music – there’s a note to the ‘serious music fans’ amongst you.

Dressing up is good. Don’t be boring, be ALIVE.


How about a hook that says: “Do we eat or just starve ourselves tonight?” 

Hats off to colourful modesty covers.

If only all pop music was this bratish, sarcastic, insultingly beautiful, clever and LIFE AFFIRMING at the same time.

On repeat.

HOLYCHILD x Kate Nash - Rotten Teeth (Video)

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