Thursday 5 May 2016

New Music: Introducing - Weirdo

OK let me just get this off my chest - the promo 'picture' above is truly terrible. Look at it for god's sake. Did a 5 year old knock it up on Paint? 'Could do better' is my school teachers report on that one. Ok, rant over, now let's get on with the blog post....

Every time a ‘mystery artist’ comes along I’m not sure whether to celebrate - because I enjoy the game of unearthing who they are and (without any assistance from the music industry) I’m generally pretty good at it, or commiserate, because frankly when it’s ‘all about the music and not the artist behind it' and there’s no context or story it can all become a little bit boring to read about. I mean – does anyone really want me to write 400 words on what the song sounds like when you can just listen yourself? No, probably not.

Anyway, here’s the latest one. He / they (I suspect it’s just a he but I could be wrong - his / their Facebook page suggests a band) goes by the name Weirdo. I like this name; remember everyone, when people call you weird, don’t be offended, it just shows their lack of ability to empathise with you. Unless of course you’re a murder, child pornographer or such like – in which case you’re way beyond weird and need locking up.

Thankfully Weirdo’s music is pretty easy to empathise with. It’s a lively blend of indie with perky pop flavours that will have you zipping along to the nearest dancefloor and pulling shapes. In fact, it’s so easy to empathise with I began to wonder why that was - maybe because I’ve heard the singer’s voice or sound before under another name? However, as yet I’m at a loss to make that connection with other parts of my brain (or the internet) and discover who Weirdo is or are. All I know is that they have (or have had) links with Berlin and Brighton. So this time my detective skills have failed me. Sorry. You’ll have to do what the artist intended you to do and just enjoy the music. 

His / their debut track was called Butter – I totally missed that one – but Armanio (the title sounds like a Pet Shop Boys song) found and grabbed me by way of a number of blogs that I have on my feed and regularly dip into, namely The Blue Walrus, Disco Naïveté and Going Solo.

Oh and if you suffer from epilepsy please don’t visit the Weirdo website. (Here)

Weirdo - Armanio

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