Thursday, 12 May 2016

New Music: Arctic Lake - Heal Me

‘A melancholic love letter’ is how Heal Me, the new song from chill-pop band Arctic Lake has been described to me. Does anyone actually write love letters anymore? Shouldn’t the song, in our high speed swiping world, be better described as a melancholic email? Or perhaps a downhearted text? Or even just a sad tweet? A hurting swipe on Tinder?

OK, whatever words are used it’s pretty undeniable that Heal Me will soften the heart of even the hardest of tech users. Emma Foster’s voice is once again hugely affecting, the music restrained and sophisticated, giving the song the depths, heights and space its needs to achieve a haunting richness. Enjoy it on this post rather than through your post box.

Arctic Lake - Heal Me

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