Thursday 26 May 2016

New Music: Shura - What's It Gonna Be?

By now the chances are that you’ve already heard the new Shura single, which arguably could make this blog post utterly redundant. But in my own egotistical big headed way I like to think that you’re reading this because you’re interested in what I think of it rather than just coming for the latest in new music and therefore have been waiting with baited breath for my informative and / or hilarious commentary on her latest effort. 

Well, sorry to disappoint, but I think that all the main things that need to be said about this terrific pop song have already been said. So instead I’ll summarise (and possibly go off on a tangent about fashion and American rock stars)

1. It’s called What’s It Gonna Be? It’s very 80’s referencing.

2. The growing consensus is that Shura knows how to write a damn good pop song. I very much agree with this consensus. She really does know how to write a fine tune without ever sounding like she’s trying overly hard to court the mainstream - which is exactly the sort of pop music I like. 

3. The artwork is a bit ‘Complete The Kids Colouring Book meets A-Ha’s Take On Me video.

4. I've noticed over time that Shura seems to be quite a fan of the denim jacket (although not in the photo above). I approve of this. It’s a bit ‘RAWK’ like Bruce Springsteen, which is a nice contrast with her synthy sound. Although bizarrely the press release for the song describes What's It Gonna Be as a “euphoric mix of motoring, Bruce Springsteen inspired rock and affecting R&B vocals.” Personally I don’t hear The Boss reference at all, but having consulted a few other members of the Breaking More Waves household apparently there is something in the intro to the song that hints at Broooooooce. I'm On Fire perhaps?

5. Shura has an album coming out soon. It's about bloody time. It's four and a half years since I first wrote about her on the blog. It’s called Nothing’s Real and it’s an example of how the landscape of modern pop creation has changed from the days past of artists draining thousands of pounds of record labels money recording in lavish country studios with huge mixing desks, farting around 'jamming' and re-recording guitar solos 350 times because 'the vibe wasn't quite right', whilst shoving drugs up their arses, to now. Because Shura recorded her LP in her bedroom. Maybe when she wanted to get some 'vibes' she nipped down to the local Nandos for lunch and then had a swift half in the Brew Dog, Shepherd’s Bush to confirm her rock ‘n’ roll status, which frankly sounds far nicer to my way of thinking. 

If you actually haven't heard the song (a small possibility) here it is.

Shura - What's It Gonna Be?

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