Thursday 19 May 2016

New Music: Anteros - Blue (Video)

Today the 11th edition of the Great Escape, the festival for new music, gets underway in Brighton with over 450 bands, 3,500 music industry professionals and thousands of regular punters swarming into the seaside town to get their fix of bands, booze and the beach. Unofficially it kicked off last night with a couple of pre-parties; I managed to catch indie fuzz rockers Yuck at a fairly raucous Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar where, despite the low basement ceiling height, several members of the audience managed some pretty determined and effective attempts to crowd surf.

One of the acts playing today that (queues and venue capacity permitting) I’m planning to catch is Anteros, who last impressed with the snap crackle and pop of Breakfast, the video of which found lead singer Laura Hayden joining the rapidly expanding list of musicians who promote their music by jumping in the bath (I still have no answer to why musicians do this except that either they’re bonkers or attention seeking whores – probably both). Timed nicely to coincide with their Great Escape show comes another new tune from the band. Blue has one of those ‘we don’t really have any money or time, so let’s just shoot a tour footage video which involves us driving around and playing some shows and then larking around a bit and that'll do’ videos whilst their easily digestible pop music provides the soundtrack.

If you want to see what I’m up to at Great Escape, follow me on Twitter (here) – I’ll be tweeting throughout the event. If you want to see what Anteros are up to you can follow them by using this link here - let's hope their tweets are a bit more exciting than 'driving to another gig'.

Anteros - Blue (Video)

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