Tuesday 17 May 2016

New Music: Seramic - Found

The oddly named Seramic has already wowed the blogosphere and radio tastemakers with his first two releases, the soulful funkiness of Waiting and the hymn like People Say, but it’s his third tune that is his first real showstopper. Like a junior wizard about to become a master conjurer Found has some colossal magic tricks up its sleeve. This is a huge gospel pop odyssey that throws in the lot; a choir, dirty squirming rock guitars that will make you shit yourself, big electronics that will make you pee yourself, and a massive hook that will leave you dribbling and drooling, yet it still manages to sound 100% human. It's like Prince taking on Jack Garratt after a couple of 16oz steaks. Just wow. Song of the month? Almost certainly. Heaven is a place in the recording studio.

If this guy can capture the power of this live he’s a must see, which is handy as he’s playing a whole raft of UK festivals this summer, starting with Brighton’s Great Escape this weekend. I hope to be in the front of the queue for that one.

Seramic - Found

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