Monday, 17 June 2013

Wall - Left To Wonder (Video)

Is there something going on here? From the winning performance of Britain’s Got Talent to Laura Welsh’s Cold Front video, it seems that shadows and silhouettes are bang on trend. Next in line is the new(ish) video to Wall’s ditty Left To Wonder, our favourite track from the Shoestring EP. It’s actually been on line for a couple of weeks, but we’d like to add a few more plays to its total count, plus it’s been a quiet 24 hours for great new music, so we thought we’d delve back a little.

Listening to Wall’s music is like the uncomfortable frisson of excitement between two people in separate relationships who realise that, no matter how wrong and how restrained they are being, they want to kiss each other, but they're not sure if the other person thinks the same. It’s the sound of being intimately close and yet still very distant, the moment where the thrill of anticipation physically tingles.

This is the antithesis of stadium rock. It’s music that has a fragile china intimacy that also holds a sadness within.

Wall - Left To Wonder (Video)

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