Saturday, 22 June 2013

Lulu James - Step By Step

House may have been born underground in the windy city of Chicago and taken a morphing journey that partied its way across Ibiza, but these days it’s back ruling both the pop landscape and the clubs. Even Newcastle upon Tyne (not the first place you’d think of when it comes to club classics) is getting in on the act with this new block busting (and maybe blog busting?) pumper from Lulu James.

Step By Step aims directly for the dancefloor, its clean repetitive jabbing flow designed to move bodies wherever it's heard, but it has a secret weapon; Lulu’s voice. By god can this girl sing, adding real character and substance to the sequenced robotics of the track.

Step By Step got its radio premiere last night via B.Traits on BBC Radio 1 and now it’s out there for you all to get your groove on, whatever device you listen to music on. We’d recommend a huge booming club soundsystem, but please check with your neighbours first that this is OK, we don’t want there to be any altercations.

And yes, before any of you point it out, this is another track by an artist beginning with L, making 25% of all of our posts this month so far L-club members. We're getting obsessed.

Lulu James - Step By Step

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