Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Arthur Beatrice - Carter (Cut)

Arthur Beatrice (they’re a band not a person) aren’t rushing things are they? From early on line interest in 2011 there’s still no sign of an album, but with news of a forthcoming EP titled Carter there is hope that things are finally happening.

We’re not sure who or what the Carter that Arthur Beatrice are referring to is, but we’d like to think that they’re paying homage to Jimbob and Fruitbat, better known as Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, the only band we can think of to have their fat topless MC and lighting man introduce them on stage every night to repeated audience shouts of “you fat bastard.” Never knock Carter USM though, at their peak they had a number 1 LP and 3 more reached the top 10. Most indie rock bands could only dream of success like that now. But then these days most indie bands are too busy pissing around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram trying to get more followers rather than getting on with the business of making great music.

However, listening to the subtle graces of Carter (Cut) we doubt it is about the 30 Something drum machine rockers of yesteryear. Unless the lyric “so never tell me that I think of you holding on, to any solid body sinking me, faith all gone” just before a cotton wool house piano riff glides in is a disguised reference to Jon Fat Beast’s rather large stomach. Although if it is and memory serves us well, Arthur Beatrice are wrong; we’d describe it as a mass of jelly rather than a solid body.

Irrespective of if solid or gelatinous though, this song is beautifully fluid. It doesn’t impact immediately and takes a few plays to fully appreciate its subtle flow, Ella Girardot  gradually coaxing you in with her contemplative coo. Not something that Carter USM could ever be described as doing really. The EP will be available next month.

Arthur Beatrice - Carter (Cut)

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