Thursday, 6 June 2013

Queen of Hearts - Wicked Game

The rules of pop chapter 4.6 state that when musicians change their hair style, sometimes things go badly wrong. The transition from the beautiful long flowing locks to the short crop, or vice versa, can often say so much about what’s going on in the space inside their head. That radical new barnet may well be the precursor to your favourite and respected indie-rock act announcing that their new album will be the progressive jazz record they’ve always really wanted to make.

So what about a change in hair colour? Do the rules apply there? We couldn't find anything in the pop rule book about that.

So, to test them out we invited Breaking More Waves blog crush electronic babe Queen of Hearts to go from dark to blonde and then make some new music.*

The results are now in.

What we get is the sound of Queen of Hearts taking the cold heartbroken stabs of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game and giving the song an icy electronic sound that fits perfectly with the sad and cynical lyrics of not believing in love anymore. It seems that at least in Queen of Hearts case we can throw our hair theories out of the window.

On this basis, when the Queen of Hearts album arrives later this year it’s unlikely to be full of improvisations worked out with a hoary, hairy heavy rock band. It seems that the queen is staying true to the beat of her synth heart.

 *Actually,we didn’t ask her at all, because if we did she’d have probably said no and for the purposes of this experiment we needed to know what’s in her head, not ours and therefore any change in hair colour has to be her own decision.

Queen of Hearts - Wicked Game

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