Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lorde - Tennis Court

Cast your mind back to the video of one of the best pop songs of 2013; Royals by New Zealand’s Lorde. It ended with a tennis court and a piece of music that seemed to signal the start of another song.

Well that song has now been released to the world and it’s called Tennis Court. See what she did there?

If, like us, you appreciatedliked, absolutely bloody loved Royals, possibly more than your own boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife / children, then the chances are you’ll feel the same about Tennis Court. To a certain extent Tennis Court sounds like the sister song to Royals with the same style of vocal delivery, unsmothered production and honest, wide-eyed innocent lyrics. “Pretty soon I’ll be on my first plane. I’ll see the veins of my city, like they do in space,” is the line that grabs us, just because it displays how new to the big wide world Lorde still is as she marks out her place as one of those pop stars that makes us want to be a teenager again.

On repeat. On repeat. On repeat. On repeat. On repeat. Lorde is currently making 95% of other new pop music redundant.

(Also check out her new sparse and beautiful treatment of The Replacements Swingin’ Party here)

Lorde - Tennis Court

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