Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pawws - Time To Say Goodbye

“Pretty much our idea of a musical wet dream, sounding like OMD circa Maid of Orleans with Robyn on vocals.” Those were our rather excited words last October about Pawws (real name Lucy Taylor, once again confirming our love of all things female and all things beginning with L as explained yesterday) when we posted two demos Time To Say Goodbye and Do What We Want. Since then there’s been a slow drip feed of love for Pawws online, with the Madonna meets Chvrches in a neon discothèque groover Slow Love making hips wiggle and ears prick up all over the world.

Now the great news is that Pawws pretty pop perfection is becoming a physical reality, with a debut single through ASL records (who have previously released rising stars Josef Salvat and Sivu) on July 8 both digitally and on vinyl. Slow Love is of course making the cut, together with a new shiny version of Time To Say Goodbye, which if you don’t like the OMD / Robyn coupling could be replaced with Depeche Mode and Kylie perhaps? The point here is that these songs are sparkling synth pop gems but with enough depth, quality and memorable melodies to ensure that they’re not just throwaway.

Take a listen to the all new Time To Say Goodbye below and then  get your dancing shoes on and click the link for Slow Love.

Pawws - Time To Say Goodbye

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