Monday, 13 May 2013

Phantom Runners - New Waves

This Brighton based four-piece might sound like they’ve stepped out of an indie time-warp machine stamped ‘early-90’s Brit guitar bands’ but in their tune It Takes Me Away they have a jangly gem that’s swollen with enough vibrant highs to make you want to don some big bell bottomed  flares and swagger around the dance floor as if it’s 100% the right thing to do. 

For Phantom Runners' It Takes Me Away aims for the stars. The languorous lead vocals and insanely crisp chiming guitars fuse together with a hooky little melody that takes some pretty obvious references, (The Stone Roses, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Ride’s Twisterella) puts them into the pot, swirls them around a bit and pours them out into a rather thrilling and intoxicating mixture. It’s undoubtedly good, the question is apart from those of a certain age trying to relieve past glories, does anyone want to listen to this type of music anymore? Well, we probably said that in 1992 when Blur started referencing The Kinks, The Who, Syd Barrett and rubbishing grunge. By 1994 the answer was quite clearly yes. It’s a lesson in pop music that we should all take heed of; you never know quite what’s going to come next, so never write anything fully off. Especially when, like this, there's a bit of a sparkle there.

Later this week much of the UK new music world will be turning its eyes and ears towards Brighton and this year’s Great Escape Festival. With the event on the band’s doorstep it’s not surprising to learn that they will be playing a showcase at the festival. Phantom Runners will be playing at the Great Escape on the Les Enfants Terribles stage on the 16th May at 9.25pm, at The Mesmerist.

Phantom Runners - It Takes Me Away

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