Monday, 27 May 2013

MMX - New Waves

MMX is 2010 in Roman numerals. We have no idea if that year has any relevance to this new Oxford band who have adopted those three letters as their name, but what we do know is that their songs sound fully formed, polished and as if they’ve already been doing this for years. No still trying to work it out de-tuned indie scrappiness or mess here.

There’s a reason for that of course; MMX have been doing it for years, or at least a few. Because they’re a rebirthed version of the band Francesqa, who you may remember from between 2009 and 2011. MMX aren’t the new kids on the block; rather like White Lies who rebranded and developed stronger songs than their previous outfit Fear of Flying, MMX seem to have found a sound that says ‘we know what we’re doing.’

MMX are just be about to set off on a tour of the beer sodden toilet venues and pubs of the UK (tickets and dates are here should you fancy it) but we imagine that they’ve already got their sights set on arenas, for their sleek rock, full of atmospheric synths, chiming guitars and huge hitting drums makes up what Mike Scott of The Waterboys once called the big music. Listen to the star straddling Mercy below (and wonder does the vocal melody at the start of the song sound a little like Radiohead’s No Surprises?) plus watch the monochrome video of the epic Ritual, both taken from the band’s recent Child EP.

If rock songs that soar skywards are your thing, then welcome to your new favourite band. Catch them soon before those bigger venues call.

MMX - Mercy

MMX - Ritual (Video)

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