Thursday, 30 May 2013

Outfit - I Want What's Best

Remember Outfit? You’re forgiven if you don’t, because we’d pretty much forgotten about them as well, even though we’d named them as Ones to Watch for 2012 on Breaking More Waves and they cropped up on the Blog Sound of 2012 long list. Yet since all that ‘they’re going to be big’ nonsense that us overly excitable music blogs like to do rather too often, all we've had that is big is (nearly) a big fat nothing. Which is no good to anyone is it?

Then suddenly out of the blue the band turns up this February supporting Everything Everything on tour and there’s talk of not only new material but a completed album called Performance due mid August.

So here’s the first new material from that record. I Want What’s Best kicks off with a rhythm similar to Grace Jones’ Pull Up To The Bumper before getting into an groove that sits safely alongside quirky indie groups like Django Django or The Beta Band whilst the downbeat repeated vocal and mellow danceability brings to mind Hot Chip. Essentially this means it’s one of those tracks for people that don’t dance to dance to (unless drunk), or at least sagely nod their heads and stroke their beards* in that slightly knowing and cooler than thou way.

*This of course makes the dangerous assumption that it is only men that don’t dance as generally it is men that have beards. And even the embracing of that idea could be wrong – apologies to any bearded ladies out there.

Outfit - I Want What's Best

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