Monday 27 May 2013

Curxes - Further Still (Avec Sans Remix)

If you love silky smooth electronic remixes, here’s something to make you feel a little moist. Remember London duo Avec Sans? We mentioned them less than 48 hours ago on the blog as we wrote about how following a succession of perfectly defined internet approved electro pop tunes such as Heartbreak Hi and The Answer, we’d heard very little from them since naming them as Ones to Watch for 2013. Now as we sit at the musical bus stop, patiently waiting for something to come along, here they are hand in hand with Curxes, another one of our Ones to Watch for 2013 and they’re ready to take you on a ride to heaven. No ticket required.

This beautiful astral computer trip is like all of our dreams coming true in one glittering, shimmering pot of liquid haunted gold.

You can download this remix for free from here and while you are at it, if you haven’t done so already, grab the emotional dazzler that is the original of Further Still for free at  Curxes' Bandcamp as well.

Earlier in the year Curxes got together with yet another one of our Ones to Watch 2013 Chvrches to produce a hard hitting what the f*ck remix of the song Recover which you can find on Chvrches EP. Now we’re looking at that Ones to Watch list from last year and wondering who is going to remix who next? All we need is Chvrches to do Avec Sans, the triangle would be completed and we could die happy. Here's the blissful beats and pulse of Curxes vs Avec Sans.

Curxes - Further Still (Avec Sans Remix)

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