Thursday 2 May 2013

Meg Myers - Heart Heart Head (Video)

Today is our last post on Breaking More Waves till next Tuesday*. There’s a bank holiday coming up and we’re taking a few days out before that. There’s a real life outside of the internet.

So we’ll leave you with this. We streamed Meg Myers’ new single Heart Heart Head back in April and now there’s a video.

Rather like her previous visual accompaniment for Curbstomp, this one’s another WTF? moment. We’re sure there’s some deep hidden meaning to it all, with Meg dragging burning branches and all of the butterflies, but we’re damned if we can work out what it is. Maybe we’re just exhausted and need a rest to put our brain back in gear.

Let us know if you ‘get’ it.

Till Tuesday….*

Edit: Due to illness the blog won't be back on Tuesday. Hopefully we'll be back later in the week.

Meg Myers - Heart Heart Head (Video)

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