Wednesday 1 May 2013

Foxes - Beauty Queen

It’s taking a while for Foxes to break through from blog seducer to mainstream lover isn’t it? We suggested that she was One to Watch for 2012 but the reality seems to be 2013 was more her year, having finally made it into the UK Top 40 riding on the back of Zedd.

Of course we don’t actually mean that Foxes and Zedd were participating in a piggyback race, although that image would have been rather amusing. Think of some of the great combinations you could have at pop star school sports day: Katy B mounting Mark Ronson, Dido on Eminem, Kelis on Calvin Harris. Mind you Calvin Harris could have a choice of all sorts of riders from Florence to Ellie couldn’t he? He’s basically the slapper of pop collaborations isn’t he?

But now Foxes is doing the equivalent of the musical sack race; she’s going it alone and trying not to fall over. She’s chosen a good one to ensure that doesn’t happen, with her song Beauty Queen. Released on May 13, it’s possibly her best since Youth (which we reckon deserves a re-release). Vocally Louisa (who is Foxes) sounds a lot like Marina from Marina & The Diamonds on this one and even the title sounds very Marina-esque, which if music is a competition (which in most cases it’s not, but there are forthcoming exceptions) would put her in at least bronze medal contention.

Foxes - Beauty Queen

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