Tuesday 14 May 2013

Indiana - Smoking Gun (Video)

Girls, here’s a word of warning. You’ve met the man of your dreams, he’s charming, good looking, attentive to your every need and seems pretty much perfect. This is great,  but listen to those alarm bells when he admits to you that he quite likes playing video games.

Because fast forward a year on and Indiana’s new video for her single Smoking Gun, starring Andrew Shim (who many of you will recognise as Milky from the acclaimed This Is England series by Shane Meadows) could be your life. You’ve moved in with each other to find that the reality of being a cosy romantic couple actually equals him permanently fixed to the sofa, drinking, eating takeaways and being more attentive to the games console than you. Just a warning.

The song itself is once again awash with Indiana’s dark pop atmospheres and haunting emotion. “I have to close my eyes because if you see them you might find I’m trying to hide a smoking gun, and I could crucify myself, sometimes I want to kiss and tell,” sings Indiana and we get all sorts of goosebumps. 

Powerful stuff - and a nice visual touch with the Shim and Indiana character choices at the start of the video game.

Indiana - Smoking Gun (Video)

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Unknown said...

Beautifull epic song