Friday, 31 May 2013

Giant Fang - Aqualung (Prides Remix)

Having introduced you to Giant Fang, (possibly) Scotland’s answer to M83 earlier this week and synth pop princes in waiting Prides back in April, now someone has had the sweet idea of putting the two together for some remix action. The results will make you swoon.

If you want to know where summer has gone, we suggest that Prides / Giant Fang have stolen it all and magicked it into this. Chilled to perfection this glorious cocktail will lift you gracefully upwards with its course set for the sun until you burst in euphoria. This is synth warmth from the northern third of Great Britain; a place that seems to be delivering quality electropop with extreme regularity these days.

Dare we say it but it might even be better than the original? OK we just did.

Giant Fang - Aqualung (Prides Mix)

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