Friday 10 May 2013

Arrows of Love - The Knife (Video)

You have to applaud a band who call their debut album Everything’s Fucked don’t you? A brutal bit of nihilism shows that music hasn’t lost all its rage. Now don’t get us wrong, we like a nice soft, calming and beautiful pop tune to romance our ears, but we also like (occasionally) a dirty, sexy piece of anger and self-loathing to give us balance. So thank you Arrows of Love for keeping the dark side alive, we look forward to hearing your pessimistically titled debut later this year.

We’ve already streamed The Knife, the forthcoming single released on June 3rd via Urban Fox Records on download and vinyl in a previous post via Soundcloud; now here’s the video. Unsurprisingly it’s brutal, intense, daring and a little uncomfortable to watch, but we guess the band are not yet into their candyfloss, unicorns and kittens phase yet. Maybe that will come on album two, which we’d like to name Bunnies Are Cute - Yeah!

Arrows Of Love - The Knife (Video)

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