Thursday, 2 February 2012

Maker - New Waves

By now you’re probably sick of the name Lana, with the fabulous Miss Del Rey’s omnipresence on every music related website being almost blinding. So today may not be a particularly good time to introduce you to another one, namely Lana McDonagh and her band Maker, but bear with us whilst we do just that.

The most common assumption with Breaking More Waves is that this blog is Brighton based. It’s not, but we fully understand why so many people think so. After all we’ve probably covered more bands from that seagull crowded seaside city than any other outside of London. With Maker, we’re adding another.

Maker are the aforementioned Lana and a trio of more masculine types;  Danny Mcgurn, Toby Horton and Macc Kano. They revealed themselves to the world just a few days ago with a tweet in mid-January linking to a website that contains nothing more than a couple of pictures and (importantly) some music. Besides that there’s been very little. Fellow Brighton based band Cave Painting mentioned them on their Facebook page and for now that’s pretty much your lot, except for a mysterious You Tube piece (below) which has a slightly woozy atmospheric piece of indie on it. A bit of digging on the web might find you some more information – Lana for example was previously a member of another band The Laylanas and went under the name Lana Lay. Yes Lana Lay, Lana Del Rey, those names are almost too close for comfort.

Del Rey aside, don’t assume when looking at the picture above that Maker are another band pushing out sub-rate Horrors influenced indie-goth-rock. They’re most certainly not. Instead they make bounding melodic music with a rock-pop feel, the kind of stuff that would sit very neatly on the airwaves of BBC Radio 2 or 6 Music. Searching for reference points we’d probably suggest that if you took the likes of Lissie or Stevie Nicks, stripped away America and added in some good old fashioned late 80's guitar-toting jangles, rhythms and stomps you might be a little bit closer to the Maker sound, but to be honest this still falls a long way short of being accurate. The best thing, as always, is to press play and make your own decisions. It’s time to introduce you to Maker, Brighton’s newest band. Gigs will follow shortly - keep an eye on their website via the link above.

Maker - Missing

Maker - Secret Heart

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