Saturday, 25 February 2012

D/R/U/G/S - One Thousand Faces

Dancing is all about sex, right? All that thrusting and pumping of the hips, grinding up and down against one another, it’s the start of foreplay isn’t it?

Not in every case it’s not. Despite its name, the trippy pilled-up second summer of love didn’t involve huge amounts of sex. In fact Acid House and much of the music that came from that scene wasn’t about getting it on at all. The hedonistic come together communities that formed under the banner of illegal raves and warehouse parties in the late 80’s were all about expressing yourself through dancing rather than sex. The 120 BPM pulses were designed to move your body in your own tranquil higher state space rather than with someone else. You were part of something but very much on your own as well.

One Thousand Faces by D/R/U/G/S sounds exactly like that state. It’s music for bonding with strangers, lost in some mystical trance like state on the dance floor amongst the lemonade fog. This is the sound of halcyon + on + on. Get lost in it.

D/R/U/G/S - One Thousand Faces

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