Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Saturday Surf #30

Next week Valentine’s day arrives again and from a musical perspective that means a whole load of cliché ridden compilation albums. Yuck. It’s so difficult to find a beautiful love song that sounds sincere without being trapped by overblown finger-down-the-throat sickly over sentimentality.

So this blog will be Valentine music free this year, although our love for music runs throughout the year not just for one day.

Here are some tracks that have been getting our love though. Enjoy them all.

Grouplove – Tounge Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

You’ve probably heard Tongue Tied on the Apple iPod Touch advert even if you weren’t aware of the band themselves. Tongue Tied was always a fantastically good holler along indie / folk / rock /pop tune but now Gigamesh has given Grouplove some juicy summertime disco nursery rhyme flavours and made it sound even better. Bump the beat. This is so good and free to download!

Fixers – Iron Deer Dream (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)

This is a case of the re. It’s a remix of a re-release for Oxford's  Fixers Iron Deer Dream. (See even the word dream has re in it as does deer and Fixers, albeit in a back to front style). Was it really over a year ago that we first featured the original of this song on the blog? Yes it was. So let’s give it another go, because it deserves it.

Slow Club – The Dog

Ah Slow Club. In the past we’ve gushed uncontrollably about them like a demented fan-boy. So we’re going to try and be a little more restrained about them today. WE LOVE SLOW CLUB. WE LOVE SLOW CLUB. OMG WE LOVE SLOW CLUB. WE LOVE SLOW CLUB SO MUCH. OH SLOW CLUB CAN WE MARRY YOU? OH SLOW CLUB, SLOW CLUB, OH OH OH… Damn. Failed. The Dog is the bands new single out on March 26th as a digital download.

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