Friday, 24 February 2012

Emily & The Woods - It Was Right There ( Watch Listen Tell Video)

Ah Emily & The Woods. The sweet sounds of Emily & The Woods. We could quite easily listen to nothing else until the day we die.

OK, this is probably a case of marginal over-exaggeration, because as much affection as we have for the music of Emily & The Woods you really can have too much of a good thing- the appetite will eventually sicken and die. However, since posting the video of Steal His Heart in April last year on the blog it’s clocked up over half a million views on You Tube so certainly somebody shares our hungry love. We’re all getting fat on a diet of Emily.

So for those who share the appreciation, here’s a new video recently filmed for Watch Listen Tell. The song is called It Was Right There and was shot adjacent the River Thames. And yes, just for completeness there are some woods in the background. And a man walking a dog. We’re not sure if the man or his dog are meant to be there, but if Lana Del Rey can have a man and tigers in her video why can’t Emily have a man and a dog. It makes a lot of sense.

So here it is, Emily & The Woods & A Man & A Dog. The full ensemble. They're all right there.

Emily & The Woods - It Was Right There


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