Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Golden Fable - New Waves

The first thing to strike you about Golden Fable will be the cherubic female vocals. When people use that well-worn phrase sonic cathedral of sound they’re usually referring to some sort of transcendent post-rock noise, but in this case we’re talking about singing of the celestial kind; high floating frequencies are the order of the day. That’s not to say that we expect to see this new duo from North Wales gigging only in religious establishments. In fact their forthcoming tour visits a number of unassuming venues such as Northampton Labour Club and Telford Warehouse. We’ve never visited either but certainly the names of the venues doesn't inspire visions of grandeur or holiness.

But just because Golden Fable aren’t playing The Albert Hall doesn’t mean that you, like us, can’t fall a little bit in love with them. Their music has a wistful folk-tinged tone punctuated by beats, piano, electronics and layered guitars. Let’s label it folktronica, we haven’t done that for a while. But this is not folktronica in the way that we once labelled Ellie Goulding as folktronica (she was the chart-pop kind) or James Yuill (he was the melodic-club-banger kind). This is ethereal, gauzy, spectral folktonica that’s as much about atmosphere as it is about melody – although the melodies are present, correct and rather lovely.

Like many a band, Tim McIver and Becca Palin who form the two parts of Golden Fable have a past. They are members of the jumble of a mouthful group Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam (you may remember their album Life Stream). We also wonder if Becca has a secret identity in a dark indie-electronic pop band. Take a close look at her, particularly when she sports false eyelashes and you might think she bears a remarkable resemblance to Sarah McIntosh of The Good Natured?

Golden Fable have already released one single – The Chill Part 2 (video below) and follow it up on March 5th with Always Golden. Their enigmatic sound is uncannily weird and beautiful at the same time. Take a listen.

Golden Fable - Always Golden

Golden Fable - The Chill Part 2 (Video)

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Andy Von Pip said...

hahaha the great "folktronica debate "!

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