Friday, 3 February 2012

Lucy Rose - Red Face (Video)

Lucy Rose has really become our fille de l'année over the last 12 months and with her new single Red Face taking a slightly beefier route than her more gentle persuasions of the past, has demonstrated that even acoustic types can rock out a little too.

With the video Lucy seems to want to flex those musical muscles a bit further. By drumming. In a field.

You can imagine the conversation with her manager, can’t you?

“I’m bored of making tea and being all sweet, girlish and elfin. I want to show how tough I am and get physical by bashing drums, in a field. WITHOUT WEARING A COAT.”

“Er Ok Lucy.”

“Nobody has ever done that before.”

“Er, but Lucy they have. Look here’s some men drumming in a field, and here’s some more (and he's great) and here’s even more. Ok, technically that last one isn't actually in a field, but it's close. ”

“But they’re all men and I want to show them that girls can drum in a field to.”

(Sighing) “Ok Lucy, it’s your video. But let’s put some sweet and cute clips of your childhood in the video as well, just to remind people of your soft side – because that’s what your audience likes.”

“OK, but for my next video I want to be in a shed, mending things with tools, in the middle of winter wearing only a string vest. OK?”

“Oh god.”

You can catch Lucy out on tour supporting Noah and the Whale in the UK at Southend Cliffs Pavilion, Plymouth Pavilions, Wolverhampton Civic and Manchester Apollo in March. She also heads out to the US and Canada to support Bombay Bicycle Club from mid-February. Red Face is available on iTunes now.

Lucy Rose - Red Face


Chris said...

Never before have I wanted to watch a video more after that description. And that includes porn.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of this

He he he

lols allround