Wednesday 27 August 2014

Some New Kate Bush Songs (Well, sort of....)

You've got to admire Kate Bush - scheduling her first (and hugely over-subscribed / anticipated) gigs in nearly 35 years just at the time that two relatively new Breaking More Waves approved bands release cover versions of her songs to the internet. It's good to know that Kate is supporting new acts / music, although a little disapointing that she declined to mention these releases at the gig, although it's understandable, as she must have been a little nervous and maybe it slipped her mind.

The first is from Wyldest. It's one for fans of music that drips in lo-fi chiming guitar sounds, lost in the ether atmospherics and spliffy laid back vibes. 

The second is from Avec Sans. This one's all about lush synths and smooth vocals. It shouldn't work but it does and it's a free download as well.

So we have the yin and yang of Kate Bush covers. Although we're only giving Avec Sans 9/10 for timing compared to Wyldest who get 10/10 for their track, which was uploaded to Soundcloud at pretty much exactly the moment Kate walked out on stage whilst Avec Sans delayed till today. Wily moves by both bands though. To everyone going to the shows, have a great time, we're having to wait until nearly the end of it all for our turn, so we hope Kate has the energy to keep going.

Wyldest - Cloudbusting

Avec Sans - Running Up That Hill

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