Sunday 31 August 2014

Feki - New Waves

With the ever-increasing trend for electronic producers to pitch shift vocal sounds comes a bubblegum and cartoonish quality to some of the music. From divisive output such as Hannah Diamond, whose Pink & Blue sounds like the type of daft nonsense a 12 year old obsessed with unicorns, old-school Nintendo console games and Froot Loops cereal would make, through to that CBBC-rave track Hey QT, a creation by Sophie and A.G Cook from PC Music, (if you haven’t heard it yet press play here and cast your own judgement), the sound of the nursery looks like it’s going to be hanging around for a while. 

Which brings us to Feki, a producer from Brisbane, Australia who on his latest track Nothing Lasts Forever uses some vocal snatches that sound close to babyish / cartoon chipmunk sounding but unlike Hey QT his work is vastly more adult and deep – there’s no novelty here. It’s the quality of this tune, together with previous works such as the gentle Escape (which has more childlike vocal chops) and Get It Together (even more) that have convinced us that’s it time to introduce him as a New Wave on Breaking More Waves. Add in the multitude of remixes on his Soundcloud that he’s built up over the last year and already he has an impressive body of music behind him. Fans of fellow Australians Flume and Ta-ku will almost no doubt be straight into this – Nothing Lasts Forever is fresh, scissor sharp and worth immersing yourself deeply within.

Feki - Nothing Lasts Forever

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