Monday 4 August 2014

Curxes - Valkyrie

Valkyrie is the new single by Curxes. Ok, before you all get too excited let us explain that it’s not a bootleg remix featuring relaxed crooner Val Doonican and mid 80’s band Mr Mister and their number 1 US hit Kyrie (look them up if you have no idea what we’re talking about). 

However, once you’re over that disappointment the good news is that if you’re feeling a bit punchy or aggressive today this will work for you, as Valkyrie is a warmongering slap in the face piece of angry sounding industrial pop.

“I’ve never been patient, subtle or vacant,” bellows lead singer Roberta and certainly there’s very little subtlety on this song, but before you switch off thinking that Curxes have gone for the obvious and have been taking lessons from the kings of the lowest common denominator such as Calvin Harris or David Guetta, fear not, because there are many different types of unsubtle. Bangers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and musical appearances.

On one side you have Harris and his music by numbers rave-‘choons’ complete with the video for Summer that features bikini and underwear clad ladies and lots of fast cars. It’s currently wracked up 140 million+ You Tube views. On the other hand you have Curxes sounding more incensed than ever, with screaming, out of control screechy trumpets and clanking metallic beats that sound a bit like Chvrches and Depeche Mode cavorting with each other on a bed of nails. 

Harris or Curxes – choose your sides carefully. Harris may have the bigger army, but according to Norse mythology when it comes to the battle it’s the Valkyrie who chooses who will live and who will die. 

Valkyrie is released on 18th August but is available to pre-order now from here.

Curxes - Valkyrie

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