Wednesday 13 August 2014

Ryn Weaver - Stay Low

The internet is weird isn’t it? It can change your perception of reality. After all if (like us) you follow very few people on Twitter (162 to be exact) and 20 of them tweet about the same subject it must be important, right? Irrespective of the fact that there are millions of people in the world who probably couldn’t give a flying fig about it. Your window on the world can be so easily distorted by what you choose to consume on the web and what you choose to see can be so easily altered and filtered b your own preferences.

Looking through our window Ryn Weaver is already a huge pop star. After all, probably 50% of the chosen 162 have tweeted about her, and she’s already had a bucket load of plays on Soundcloud for OctaHate and Promises. So surely she must be massive? Rather like the time we went to see a band who had already had two top 10 hits on blog aggregator Hype Machine and twenty people turned up to see them play live. That's probably happened more than once.

What we’re trying to say is that these days it’s very difficult to judge who is genuinely adored by the masses and who is just an internet 'like' click and then forgotten.

Ryn has certainly made a good start at heading towards pop stardom with her Promises EP, which in summary is four very good pop songs (yes, we weren’t impressed with OctaHate at first but damn, it’s got us now). So to celebrate the good pop we’re streaming another tune. Stay Low is modern, glistening and immaculately produced. Yet at the time of writing (quite a few hours before you see this post) has just over 1,000 plays on Soundcloud. 

Maybe Ryn still has some way to go before the rest of the world is looking through the same window that we are.

Ryn Weaver - Stay Low 

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