Thursday 21 August 2014

Claudia Kane - New Waves

For those (like us) who like their pop music with a sense of swelling cinematic drama then Claudia Kane (no relation to Miles as far as we know) is a name you should bookmark right now. Darling Is Not My Name (streaming below) is a fine introduction to this London based artist, taking as its sonic reference points Massive Attack, James Bond themes and the piano on Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells to create a haunting and powerful song. On the basis of this one give her a couple of years and we can imagine she’ll be taking centre stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Add to that two other high quality tunes on her Soundcloud, the unearthly night-rave of Residents of Darkness (the self-edited video of which you can see below) which reminds us a little of Lana Del Rey going clubbing and popping pills in hotpants (not that we’re in any way suggesting that Lana would be ‘in da club’ popping pills of course, she’s probably too busy putting on and taking off that red dress she’s always singing about) and the menacing Hungry and what we have in Claudia Kane is a singer who doesn’t just have potential, but sounds like she’s already fully realised it.

Claudia Kane - Darling Is Not My Name

Claudia Kane - Residents of Darkness (Video)

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