Friday 8 August 2014

Annabel Jones - New Waves

First there was Lady and the Lost Boys, and then there was Bluebell, now Annabel Jones, the front woman of both acts is, well, just Annabel Jones. There’s no Lorde, Lana Del Rey or other pseudonym  going on here, just the real person and rather like Normal Heights the debut tune from Bluebell that stopped us in our tracks and made us shudder a little back in April 2011, so Magnetic does the same. It’s a bit strange putting Annabel in our introducing ‘New Waves’ section as she’s already appeared on the blog before, but as this isn’t Bluebell and marks a new start it seems mildly appropriate to do so at least.

Starting with the sounds of a wind up music box, computerised patterns then take over pitter-pattering underneath some pretty heavy lyrics in this fascinating song. “Baby I gotta let go, the drugs that you’ve taken are killing you so,” Annabel sings, her voice pitch shifting towards the end. “What if I could save you now, what if I get lost again?” she questions later. Yet despite the seriousness of the lyrics and the weird minimalism and lack of any beats in the track, with its oddly hooky melodies this is still pop. Not the sort of the pop that will find itself in the singles chart perhaps, but the sort of weird, intriguing pop with depth that draws the listener in demanding you to press repeat over and over.

Annabel Jones - Magnetic

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