Tuesday 5 August 2014

Black Honey - New Waves

Yesterday we alluded to the fact that the band Black Honey (another one from the ever expanding seemingly always on it Duly Noted label) hadn’t yet appeared on Breaking More Waves, but would be pretty damn soon. That moment is now.

If (like us) you keep a careful eye on the internet for new music you may have already heard their languid torch song Sleep Forever, the group’s first release, and now they follow it up with a new demo entitled Teenager. Likewise if you have read any of the blog / website postings that have gone up about Black Honey you’ll also know that for the time being they’re going down the ‘shrouded in mystery’ route, revealing very little about themselves except that they’re from a city just down the road from Breaking More Waves, namely Brighton. And it’s in Brighton that we first saw them play a very early show way back in 2012, albeit in a slightly different form from the beast they are today. 

Yesterday the band revealed a phone number which they asked bloggers and journalists to text to ask them whatever we wanted, so using our serious investigative and journalistic skills we asked the following question:

"Which member of 80’s pop band Duran Duran would you most like to play golf with?"

The answer we received was: “I would rather die than play golf with Duran Duran.”

So what can we learn from this answer? That the band don’t like golf? Or they don’t like Duran Duran? Or both? They also seem to have misunderstood the question, because we weren’t asking them about golf with Duran Duran, but just one member of Duran Duran, which we would suggest is an entirely different thing, although that's an argument in itself.  However what we can ascertain is that Black Honey have attitude, something that is evident from the two live gigs we’ve seen them play.

So to the music, which we don’t really need to talk about that much, because you can just press play below and make your own mind up. All we’ll say is Teenager is a sumptuously twangy and noisy cinematic indie rock tune, like Lana Del Rey if she’d drunk a couple of Vodka and Red Bulls and really decided to rock rather than piss around the edges with her new album. This song is our new favourite musical thing.

Black Honey - Teenager

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