Monday, 11 August 2014

Laura Doggett - Phoenix (Video)

We’re starting this week with a quick moan and a new video. A few weeks ago we posted the new Soundcloud stream of a Sohn produced song from the incredible Laura Doggett. It was the third time we had featured Laura on the blog having watched her gradual rise from being on Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent Competition longlist in 2011 through to getting a record deal a few years later. Phoenix is a mesmerising piece of work, Sohn’s production holding Laura back vocally to give something that hints of the power to come but is yet unleashed.

Phoenix was featured on quite a large number of blogs, both high profile ones and smaller ones and in nearly every case the blogs stated something along the lines of ‘Laura Doggett has come out of nowhere,’ or ‘we know nothing about Laura Doggett.’ Yet a couple of quick Google searches would have revealed lots of information about Laura’s career so far including videos, interviews and features from the likes of BBC Introducing.

Now of course there’s an argument that says that context / history isn’t important anymore in pop music. That all that matters is the song, but as we’ve argued before, we believe that they are everything (here). The fact that these blogs can’t be bothered to do a few minutes research we find hugely disappointing – it seems ‘we know nothing about Laura Doggett’ translates as ‘the PR company didn’t tell us anything so we didn’t bother trying to find out ourselves.’ 

OK, rant over. Yesterday at midnight Laura released the video for Phoenix and you can watch it below. An abstract piece full of breaking waves (a bit like this blog) and flames (possibly representing the lyrics “cradling the flame till the fire beds” ) and a slow reveal of Laura’s face it suits the haunting atmosphere of both the music and the words.

Laura has also been confirmed to support Sohn at Shepherds Bush Empire and Brighton’s The Haunt in September. No that information didn’t come from a PR email either, but our own research. OK, we’ll shut up now.

Laura Doggett - Phoenix (Video)

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