Monday 4 August 2014

Paperwhite - Take Me Back

Duly Noted records have been gaining a bit of a reputation of late for being the UK’s most on it new boutique label with releases from the likes of IYES, The Night VI and the as yet not featured here Black Honey (although we suspect that time will come soon). Their latest offering comes by way of the Kindle referencing Brooklyn brother sister duo Paperwhite, who have already impressed in 2014 with Magic, Got Me Goin’ and a dance until you drop remix of Swim by Fickle Friends.

Whilst we were away last week Ben and Katie (who are Paperwhite) released Take Me Back and if the song was in any way a reference to time travel (it isn’t sadly) then if we jumped in Dr Who’s Tardis we’d be transported to the mid 80’s, because this tune sounds like the ultimate dreamy synth soundtrack to a teen romance where in all likelihood a cute shy girl and a boy with a bad mullet from very different backgrounds discover that the feelings they have for each other go deeper than just friendship. “I’m never gonna ask for more, but when we fall into place there’s nothing else worth dreaming for,” Katie sings and everything in the world just seems a little bit fuzzier, a little bit more soft-focus and a little bit better. Lovely stuff.

The song is available to buy right now.

Paperwhite - Take Me Back

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