Tuesday 12 August 2014

Josef Salvat - Shoot And Run

Things that are not news / not particularly interesting.

1. Posting pictures on Instagram of a cup of coffee from Starbucks / Costa.

2. Tweeting that you are tired. 

3. Tweeting about your annoyance of someone’s actions near you. Eg: "To the noisy boy next to me on the bus, will you please shut the f*ck up.” Not only is this not interesting but it makes you look like a prize twat yourself. Why not actually speak to the person rather than tweeting everyone else?

4. Taking a photo of a takeaway pizza and posting a picture of it. (Why do people like this stuff on Instagram?).

5. Selfies. (There are occasional exceptions to this one though).

6. This blog post so far.

What is news and is slightly more interesting.

There is a new song from ex law student turned potential pop star Josef Salvat.

It’s been quite a long time since we’ve heard from him. Now he’s back with a big dark and dramatic pop song that triggers thoughts about 1. Hurts 2. Lana Del Rey 3. Johnny Hates Jazz (ok that 3rd reference might be a bit obscure and actually not that accurate, but if you don't know anything of JHJ you can hear them here and get up to speed) with its throbbing sexy synths, strings and lyrics about guns, girls and taking risks. 

So put Instagram / Twitter etc down and listen to Shoot And Run on repeat, your life will be far more interesting for it.

*Footnote: If you are a parent do not trust Josef Salvat with your children. In the picture above not only does he have his potentially dirty feet on the wall, but he is in danger of pushing the chair backwards – this is an accident just waiting to happen. Let's hope he carries on being a pop star and doesn't jack it all in for a career in childcare.

Josef Salvat - Shoot And Run

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