Wednesday 28 May 2014

Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile (Video)

Look, we know we’ve already banged on about it yesterday (here) but we want to mention the Radio 1 playlist again. For below you will find the new video for Wolf Alice’s song Moaning Lisa Smile. At the time of writing (which is different from when we post) it has just over 500 views on You Tube. We wonder what Radio 1, with their statistics influenced decision making process would think of this? Would they decide that they wouldn’t play the song until it had racked up a few more views? We’re not quite sure how that fits with a station that is supposed to champion new music.

Thankfully for Wolf Alice they’re one of the 5 acts who have made it on to the In New Music We Trust part of Radio 1's playlist, although we’re a bit confused by The Guardian’s original piece on the playlist meeting (which you can read here) which quotes somebody saying “Wolf Alice’s Moaning Lisa Smile video has had 15,000 views on YouTube and they've got 11,000 followers on Twitter," as the ‘video’ referred to is simply a You Tube stream with a picture, not a video. Yes we know it’s geeky of us to say so, but if the so called ‘experts’ can’t even tell the difference between a video and a stream you have to question their expertise. We wonder for example would they be able to tell the tell-tale signs that a video has had fake comments or views purchased to increase its total plays? 

Now that we’ve got off our geeky high horse, let’s just enjoy the actual film where we find lead singer Ellie Rowsell entering a dance competition and being given the cold shoulder by the too cool for school bitch-kids. To the rescue come her dragged up and wigged out band mates who help her find solidarity in each other’s outsider status. Hurrah. See? Nothing wrong with being a geek.

You can hear the whole of the Creature Songs EP from which Moaning Lisa Smile is taken by clicking this link.

Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile (Video)

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