Thursday 8 May 2014

Honeyblood - Killer Bangs (Video)

If we were female (we’re not) and a musician (we’re not), we would quite like to be in one of two groups. One would have been Girls Aloud (r.i.p) just so we could hang out with Nicola Roberts and do stupid dance routines. But if that couldn’t happen we quite fancy being in Honeyblood because they look cool (and we would like to be cool just to see how it felt), sound brash and noisy (and we quite like the idea of making a lot of noise) and underneath their guitar racket they actually produce some quite fiercely glorious pop melodies (which is pretty central to a lot of our music taste). 

We first saw Honeyblood last year at The Great Escape in Brighton, this weekend they’re back they're back for more and we will probably be joining them again, alas only in the audience, not as their special guest tambourine player – maybe that will happen in 2015? Honeyblood’s album is due for release on FatCat records on the 14th July in the UK (15th in the US). After their Great Escape shows they are out on tour with Courtney Barnett.

Here’s their new video for Killer Bangs which was uploaded recently. Oh and if any bands need a guest tambourine player at Great Escape, we're available right now. Our rates are quite reasonable - if we like you a lot we'll even offer our services for free.

Honeyblood - Killer Bangs (Video)

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