Tuesday 27 May 2014

La Roux - Uptight Downtown

We can feel it, there’s something funky in the air right now. What with Jungle, Meanwhile and now La Roux getting their sweaty groove-thing on pop music seems to be rediscovering that it doesn’t have to be R ‘n’ B influenced to make you dance. 

The fact that La Roux’s first single proper after the rather brilliant taster track Let Me Down Gently has the funk should come as no surprise to fans, after all back in the day when Elly’s quiff was ridiculously high she could be found collaborating with fluid funk 80’s popsters Heaven 17 (here) and singing the praises of David Bowie (there’s more than a hint of Bowie’s Nile Rodgers produced Let’s Dance album in this song). Plus her low key UK shows last year featured a number of songs that moved the template away from the rigid robotic early 80’s synth sounds of her debut. Rather like Elly’s haircut, things seemed to have loosened up a little and this has to be good thing. Standing still wasn't an option. 

So here is Uptight Downtown by La Roux. It’s time to shake your whole body until your bones clatter to the rhythm. This one’s got us all hot in places other than just under our collar.

La Roux - Uptight Downtown

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