Saturday 3 May 2014

Mausi - My Friend Has A Swimming Pool

It seems quite ridiculous that we’ve never featured the carefree dance pop of Mausi (pronounced Mousey) on Breaking More Waves before; despite having seen the band a number of times live, they always seem to have somehow or other just missed out when it comes to us bashing out a few words then copying and pasting some music player code into a blog post. So right now it’s time to make amends with their new single which is released on 6th July - but you can pre-order it on iTunes now.

“My friend has a swimming pool. Getting tipsy in the swimming pool,” intones a passionless fembot voice, but this song, a big summer party tune, is everything but passionless. From the opening line you know that you're getting a punchy pop banger full to the bubbling brim with hedonism and life. “When the sun starts sinking, we’ve already been drinking,” sings Daisy and from there on we’re off on a cocktail raising, skinny dipping journey of staying out all night and dancing amongst the strobe lights. My Friend Has A Swimming Pool captures all the joy and energy of a live Mausi show and then some. They're the anti-Elbow - this is most certainly not music for melancholy middle aged dads; unless of course that particular dad still quite enjoys partying up all night rather than having a snooze after tea.

Get undressed, wear less, because this is happening. Enjoy Mausi. Enjoy life. We believe this is what the kids call a sick tune. Time to dance.

Mausi - My Friend Has A Swimming Pool

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