Tuesday 6 May 2014

The Hics - All We'll Know

Electro-soul is doing quite well at the moment isn’t it? What with the likes of ex Born Blonde members Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd Watson’s so called ‘mystery’ band Jungle getting everyone (including ourselves) excited and the likes of Sampha, Lo-Fang and Rosie Lowe also bubbling under quite nicely.

To that list we’d better add The Hics, who we featured last year in one of our introductory New Wave pieces but since then they have been keeping a low profile. Now there’s new material, in the form of All We'll Know, released on 16th June, although frankly release dates are a bit of a non-thing these days aren’t they when the song is streaming right here right now ? All We'll Know very much continues where Tangle left off last year, in that it’s warm, sultry, tasteful and sophisticated. It's the kind of music we imagine Mr Suave would have lying around on his coffee table on a CD in his luxury penthouse apartment with incredible views of the city via ceiling to floor glass walls, ready to seduce a lady friend as he brings her home for the first time. Bear this in mind if you ever pop round to our place for a cup of coffee and see a CD by The Hics casually left on the table.

The Hics - All We Know

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