Friday 2 May 2014

Jon Hopkins - We Disappear featuring Lulu James

Jon HopkinsImmunity was one of our favourite records of 2013, a real journey of an LP, complete with twists, turns, beautiful highs and equally gorgeous lows. From it comes this reworked version of We Disappear a track whose clicky, scratchy, shuffling beats very much give that sense of someone setting off with an idea of their route, but with no map to fully guide them. Originally an instrumental, this new version features Geordie lass Lulu James' vocal talents giving (for her) a relatively restrained performance, veering on the ethereal side of things but still with just that hint of soul.

Hopkins is one of the most inventive and innovative musicians out there right now and also as a live experience one of the few ‘knob twiddlers’ we’ve seen who through his music and visuals really manages to engage and make it feel  much more than just a DJ set.

We Disappear is released on 12” vinyl via Domino on June 30th. Hopkins is on tour right now, pretty much all over Europe and America (with a Japanese date thrown in for good measure). He’s in Finland tonight at Kaiku in Helsinki so if you happen to be in those northern climes, that’s your Friday night sorted.

Jon Hopkins - We Disappear (featuring Lulu James)

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