Wednesday 14 May 2014

Len - Steal My Sunshine (Re-Release)

We’re not sure if we’ve ever posted any release from Alcopop! Records on the blog before today, which really is a bit sinful; after all here is a label that in many respects shares the same ethos as Breaking More Waves; fiercely independent, run by just a couple of guys who do it because they love doing it, don't take it all too seriously and who occasionally do things a bit differently. Wristwatch EP anyone? A business card single? A My First Tooth scarf set? Yes, Alcopop! has released all those things.

So today let’s make amends, by streaming their 100th release.

And in true Alcopop! style it’s something a little different. Something that technically as a new music blog we shouldn’t be covering, because this is a song that has already been a worldwide hit years ago (no. 8 in the UK, no.3 in Australia, no.1 in Canada, no.3 in Ireland, no.9 in the U.S), but it’s such a great song that we just couldn’t resist. As Jack and Kev from the label explain on their website, they were keen to channel some of the fun they have doing the label and release one of their favourite songs of all time to mark the number one hundred.

So this re-release of Steal My Sunshine comes after a series of drunken twitter messages that the Alcopop! boys had with Marc Constanzo from Len. Being the good sort that he is he agreed to re-release the song on Alcopop! via tape, tee shirt and sunglasses (all limited to 100 copies of course), plus there’s also special bundle packages available with some special extras thrown in. (Oh and it's on iTunes as well).

So whilst technically this isn’t new music, we’re throwing the rule book out the window today (remember the most important rule of pop – there are no rules) and streaming an old song. Listening to Steal My Sunshine is like meeting up stone cold sober with a drunken one night stand you had over a decade ago and realising that you may have been drunk, but hell, your sexy partner in crime was, and still is, pretty damn hot. In fact you want to do it all over again. Hurrah!

Get your order in to Alcopop! now by using this link.

Len - Steal My Sunshine

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