Thursday 15 May 2014

Kyla La Grange - Wrecking Ball

Kyla La Grange’s transformation from slightly edgy folk-rock singer songwriter to electronic princess of credible pop has been pretty incredible and now it gets even better. Taking on Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball was always going to be a bit of a risk, for whatever you think of Miley there’s no denying that once you get past the tongues, nakedness and such like, Wrecking Ball is a higely powerful pop tune. Thankfully Kyla nails it.

Rather than rocking up and kicking ass Kyla takes the song on a different journey – one of subtlety and restraint. We can imagine a video treatment for this that involves Kyla dressed as a mermaid swimming under tropical waters rather than licking tools and swinging from a ball. In fact we reckon Kyla would make a bloody marvelous mermaid.

So in summary :Very good. No, more than very good. In fact this is quite close to A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

In other amazingness news, Kyla’s album (due for release on June 2nd) has a cover which is pretty much flawless (see here). Not a mermaid, but still pretty much perfect.

Kyla La Grange - Wrecking Ball

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