Friday, 2 May 2014

Pawws - Give You Love

You know all those ‘sounds a bit like early Madonna meets Kylie’ comparisons that Pawws has been getting? Or those ‘it’s Robyn popping it up with Grimes’ ones? (We may have made some of these ourselves in the past.) Well they’re right.

Which means that Pawws is bloody marvellous.

Let’s look at that list again: Early Madonna. Kylie. Robyn. Grimes.

Bloody hell.

OK we may have mentioned OMD and Kraftwerk last time we posted about Pawws as well. Which frankly makes things even better.

Give You Love is the second track to be aired from the forthcoming Pawws EP Sugar. It needs to be listened to with a glass of Babycham in hand, on a flashing neon lit dance floor whilst dancing round your handbag as Pawws sings of being “the girl that you want me to be, I’ll be your friend or lover, you’ll never be alone.” Don’t press pause, play Pawws.

As we said – bloody marvellous.

Pawws - Give You Love

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